Binary Synthpop.

Inspired by Kraftwerk’s legendary Computer World album, 1010011 is a sprightly synthpop tune woven with melodies. Possibly the only song to have ever been sung in binary code – well, rhythmically arranged, vocoded samples of the words “zero” and “one” from a 1980s toy. Although, my own form of binary singing does make a cameo in the latter half of the track.

1010011 is accompanied by a quirky, AI-generated music video. Featuring visual cues from Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, the Bauhaus and 20th-century modern art, it’s a visual feast of high chroma weirdness.





Released: 4 August 2023
Labels: Hark Records / Space March Pty Ltd
Production: Written, performed, produced and mixed by Craig Simmons.
Art and design by Craig Simmons.