Project Description

Mountain King

Mountain King is symphonic journey of retro-synthpop and lush, dreamy, reflective indie pop. I produced and mixed this fourth Space March album and it was mastered by German engineer, Robin Schmidt (OMD, Two Door Cinema Club).

For the Special Edition CD, I designed an Origami Poster which folds into a geometric paper mountain – a 3D version of the album cover motif.

The best selling tracks across all digital services are: Someone Something Sunshine, Norway, the single You Are Electric and the title track Mountain King.




For this video, I wanted to create a Kraftwerk style performance and parody my gesticulations from the Space Cowboy clip. So I set the camera up on the tripod in front of a green screen and recorded five ad lib takes. From this, I cut together the performance and created the motion graphics in After Effects.

Photography, editing and post-production by Craig Simmons.


Vince Clarke Tweet

Okay, this is not exactly a review, but to receive a tweet like this from the godfather of electropop, made me feel kind of chuffed! As I infer in my tweet to Vince – I got the idea to create an electropop version of “In The Hall of the Mountain King” from listening to Erasure’s version (CD only bonus track on the 1987 album – Circus). The Erasure version is a faithful rendition of the classical work as an electropop track. But this got me thinking… I wonder if I could create a vocal line around this melody within the context of an original song (?) So this was the genesis of Mountain King – and now with an endorsement from Vince, the process is beautifully complete!

VinceTweet – Best Albums of 2013

Swedish reviewer, Martin Brandhill, ranks the Mountain King album at #6 for his best albums of 2013. The commentary below the chart is a Google translation from Swedish to English.

1. Grafton Primary – “Neo”
2. Page – “Hemma”
3. Goldfrapp – “Tales of Us”
4. Chvrches – “The Bones Of What You Believe”
5. Maps – “Vicissitude”
6. Space March – “Mountain King”
7. Blutengel – “Monument”
8. Rainbow Arabia – “FM Sushi”
9. OMD – “English Electric”
10. Social Ambitions – “Hunger”

A year where actually several very good albums have been released that have not even got a place on my list. Australia and the Americas have really proven themselves in the electronic music world, which is very pleasing. This year’s surprises have Grafton Primary, Chvrches, Maps, Blutengel and especially Rainbow Arabia have been to me. The disappointments of the year 2013? Yes, it’s Little Boots, New Order, Visage and The Knife.

What is 2014 to serve when the crazy year 2013 has subsided? Yes, for example, The New Division, Heaven 17, Norwegian Margaret Berger from this year’s ESC, and preferably several unexpected surprises for me.

Rating: #6 best album of 2013
Date: 4 January 2014
Reviewer: Martin Brandhill
Web Site Review Page: listar årets album 2013 Review

Here is a review of the Mountain King album on the Swedish site. Following is a Google translation (with a few adjustments) from Swedish to English:

The Australian Craig Simmons – also known as Space March – has followed up with the album: Mountain King. Have you missed Space March before? His music can most easily be described as dreamy, bombastic synth pop influenced by indie pop, electronica, and a dose of eighties synth. Two groups frequently cited as influences are Air and Pet Shop Boys.

Craig’s lowest level is extremely high and all four albums are very worth listening, but differ somewhat. Personally, I think the last album Monumental, which is a bit more direct and more indie influenced, is his highlight so far. Mountain King is by no means bad, it’s just that Monumental set the bar for future albums extremely high.

Mountain King is a dreamy journey into synth pop music world. The album has been mastered by Robin Schmidt, who also worked with OMD. The music is more opulent and almost orchestral than its predecessor. It feels like Craig has listened in on some seventies pop regarding the orchestral arrangements. Add to that the warm sound that Air are usually good at communicating, together with a solid sense of pop melodies.

The album feels like a perfect soundtrack for hot summer days. The music is pleasant and easygoing and Craig Simmons has a very nice voice that caresses your ears. If I were to describe Mountain King with one word, it would be “beautiful”. A little fun Craig is having on the opening track, “Mountain King” – also the title track of the album, having used a melody in the song of the classical composer Edvard Grieg’s music for Peer Gynt.

Rating: 7/10
Date: 15 July 2013
Reviewer: Benjamin Kristiansen
Web Site Review Page:

The Pansentient League – Top 20 Synthpop Albums of 2013

Space March – Mountain King. While Parralox took a breather this year with a covers album, Australia’s other great synthpop band gave us a delightful “symphonic journey of retro-electro, classical and dream pop.” Mr. Vince Clarke gave this album a big thumbs up and I’m fully in agreement! “Someone Something Sunshine” is a highlight; bright but tinged with a little melancholy. “Mastermind of Crime” has some great lyrics, while “Too Much Time on my Hands” is a lovely bleepy bleep song.

Rating: Top 20 album of 2013
Publication: The Pansentient League
Date: 20 December 2013
Reviewer: Jer White
Web Site Review Page: Top 20 Synthpop Albums of 2013

Sporkful Band Review

Where Space March first grabbed me was with the track “Mountain King”, referencing Edvard Grieg’s “In The Hall of the Mountain King” from Peer Gynt.

It wasn’t the first track I listened to, and it certainly wasn’t the first time synthesizers gave pop life to a classical tune. The iconic notes grabbed my attention though, and combined with Craig Simmons’ voice to create something that felt seductive and perilous. As you listen more, the peril is not that there will be sudden violence, but an inexorable loop that you can’t escape. It feels unanswerable, and it works.

My other favorite track from the Mountain King album was “You Are Electric”, but the album is strong overall. I believe I liked it best of the other albums. There are not dramatic departures from the synthpop style of his earlier work, but I think he is on an upward trajectory.

Music can be purchased via the Space March web site and through Amazon. The web site also has three videos, which are also available on Youtube, but they are pretty perfunctory. “You Get What You Deserve” is the best of them, but really, the songs are way better than the videos.

Publication: Sporkful Blog
Date: 27 September 2013
Reviewer: Sporktastic
Web Site Review Page: Band Review: Space March

Origami Rock!

The brilliant singer songwriter Craig Simmons aka Space March returns with his fourth offering. The music of Space March spins a gorgeous web of the best of 80s & 90s synth pop influences and yet in the process defines a signature sound all his own. Topping his previous effort “Monumental” is a monumental task indeed. To my ears, Space March sounds like the best moments of Duran Duran, ABC, Depeche Mode, OMD, Simple Minds, Sparks, Kraftwerk..etc, thrown together with the silky vocals of someone who sounds a lot like Stephen Duffy (Lilac Time/Kiss Me). Now, on the “Mountain King” he takes on the iconic “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. It is not a new idea, it has been explored by ELO, and others, but here Craig has added a great vocal track with his inspired original lyrics. It makes for a song that will play happily through your mind for days. The remainder of the CD is right there with the quality and originality that one has come to expect from this extremely talented multi-media artist. The songs “Someone Something Sunshine”, “Babylon” “Apple Of My Eye” & “You Are Electric” are particular stand outs for me. That said, there is simply not a weak track on the CD! The production is also something that needs to be mentioned, as it is just beautifully detailed in it’s sonic presence. As for the multi-media aspect, on “Monumental” Craig created a series of art prints for each song. Included in the Deluxe CD Edition of “Mountain King” is a package containing an origami folding mountain range! For my money there is no better synth rock/pop being produced and the “Mountain King” is definitely one of the top releases of the year! Do yourself a favor and get this immediately! While you are at it get “Monumental” as well! You will thank me in the morning!!

Note: Amazon and CD Baby sell the standard CD version – the CD wallet minus the Origami Pack. The Deluxe CD Edition of “Mountain King” mentioned in this review is available from, Bandcamp, A Different Drum.

Rating: 5 stars
Publication: Amazon
Date: 6 March 2013
Reviewer: Gary Bauder
Web Site Review Page: Amazon Customer Review

Strongest Effort to Date

I’ve only recently became a fan of Space March after hearing ‘Space Cowboy’ and listening to his excellent free sampler. Since then I have been following this album’s progress through soundcloud.

Craig Simmons has been genuine and honest with his approach and very generous with his time and music.

But we don’t follow artists because they’re nice people do we? No, no. It’s still about the music and in this Space March have not failed us. Instead I believe he has given us his strongest album to date.

The album really sticks with you and has some addictive qualities. I’ve found myself craving a few the tracks on this album like ‘Someone Something Sunshine’, ‘Babylon’, ‘Apple of My Eye’ and ‘You Are Electric.

In short, if you like Release-era Pet Shop Boys, Notorious-era Duran Duran and a sprinkling of Erasure you should give this album a try. But don’t let those comparisons limit your expectations as this album is much more clever than that.

Rating: 5 stars
Publication: iTunes Canada
Date: 14 February 2013
Reviewer: Rick Roubos
Web Site Review Page: iTunes Customer Review


You feel it in your heart
You know it to be true
The power of the mountain king
Is deep inside of you
He’ll follow you to bed
He’ll occupy your mind
He’ll harness every part of you
And second of your time

Hail to the mountain king
Mountain king, mountain king
Hail to the mountain king

You feel it in your bones
An aching to be free
The power of the mountain king
Will bring you to your knees
He’ll complicate your head
He’ll trouble you for days
He’ll draw upon your energy
And generate your pain

In the hall of the mountain king
He knows almost everything
And he sees what you want to do
He understands you’re running too
The things you love are gone too soon
Life is short then money has no use

You taste it in your mouth
A poison on your lips
The power of the mountain king
Will trigger your eclipse
You won’t know who you are
Or why you’re doing this
He’ll keep you satisfied
With your illusionary bliss

You feel it in your heart
You know it to be true
The power of the mountain king
Is deep inside of you
He’ll follow you to bed
He’ll occupy your mind
He’ll harness every part of you
And second of your time

Open the door
You could be someone or something or sunshine
All on your own, my friend
You could be someone or something or sunshine

Closed door
Cold war
Blank walls
Inside your head
Long night
Clench tight
Sheets bright
Inside your bed

Someone, Something, Sun
Someone, Something, Sun

Feeling wrong for one transgression
Like a petty thief in the Great Depression
Like a small time crook and a minor whore
Name and shame and shut the door
On all this guilt and consequence
Interrupting somnolence
Spreading this new infection
Mutating your recollections

Open wide and let it go
Relax your mind and try to show
The things you hide, things the you know
Seeds of change are slow to grow
For every fruit is quintessential
All the trees stand monumental with
An open mind and an open heart
Like a ferris-wheel that’s reached the start

He told me of Babylon
How it began
The fall of a man
The end of a child

The power of Babylon
Covered in bronze
Built like a god
Smothered in lies

Tell me the truth
Is it me, is it you?
You tear me apart
You control what I do
There once was a time
You seemed so alive
There once was a man

He told me of Babylon
Deep in control
Selling his soul
Corrupting his mind

The power of Babylon
The fight to be king
Corporate sin
Money and lies

Going to Babylon
Letting it go
Making it show
Escaping demands

Searching my heart
Finding the start
Making new plans

Cold water blues
Like an arrow in my heart
Beating all along
This imaginary path

And I do believe
I couldn’t leave
The power of her spell
Would keep me
In her land
Across the sea
She travelled
Every night to see me

Warm and renewed
Like an arrow in my heart
Raw and infused
Like a Viking tears apart

The sound of yesterday
Fjords of silver grey
My hope and shadow play

Lost in the light
Like an arrow in my heart
Sun in the night
Returns me to the start

The sound of yesterday
My hope and shadow play

Would you get upset
Would I let you down
This might be the end
Of floating in the crowd
I’m leaving this town
I’m moving far away
I’m dreaming again
And my mind begins to stray

How everything you ever loved might be broken
And every thought you ever had might be wrong
And all the while you just failed to belong

I’m never going back to you
I’ll never do the things that you wanted me to
I’m never going back again
I’ll never lead the life of those faceless men

I’m leaving this town
I’m driving to the shore
I’m sailing for France
In row boat with one oar

And every wave that rocks the boat might seem awkward
And the water of uncertainty is so deep
And your mind is drifting in and out of sleep

I’m leaving town…

It’s no use pretending
You get older, everyday
You search the world for answers
More questions take their place
You feel there should be meaning
When looked at in reverse
The benefit of retrospect
Only makes it worse

All along I couldn’t see
I travelled to the wrong location
Left a mark on every tree
Mapped the stars and constellations


You might be the apple of my eye
You might be the only one
Who makes me want to cry
You might be the apple of my eye
And you might be the only thing that’s right


I found myself believing
In a bullet made of gold
I lost the only matches
And the fire place seems cold

All the way I couldn’t speak
I lost my voice and motivation
Eloquence, coherency
Evaded all my conversation

The troubled mind of reason
The making of a man
The science of morality
The rubbish in the can

All along I couldn’t see
I travelled to the wrong location
Left a mark on every tree
Mapped the stars and constellations

It might be useful
To make some noise
And make it truthful
There’s a point
I might be selfish
Try again and again and again
I correct your point and say I’m foolish

The world I find
Is chance and time
And out of control, again
I broke the glass
The empty half
I buried the past
Deep in my mind, again

You feel so helpless
You want a choice
And not feel worthless
There’s a truth
But you’re not certain
Fail again and again and again
All you say is I want some purpose

The world you find
Is so alive
You want to believe, again
The beast you feed
Your wants and needs
This christmas greed
Is bringing you down, again


There will be times
With everything I must do
And my impossible dream
You burn so bright
You are electric
You electrify me

The speed of light
With every moment you bring
And every colour I see
We beat in time
Because you are electric
You electrify me

Electrify you
In everything you do
The power in your hands
The power to begin
Your energy radiates
This power on my skin

You’ve seen the signs
And all the troubles I face
And my recurring theme
You shine so bright
You are electric
You electrify me

The northern lights
And my turbulent sky
And the gods I must please
We will ignite
Because you are electric
You electrify me

Regenerating new
In everything you do
The power in your hands
Healing to begin
The energy, radiation
Pouring from your skin

The end of night
With every bird that can sing
And the sound of the sea
You burn so bright
You are electric
You electrify me

You are electric
You electrify me…

I know sometimes
You’re planning it all so well
Like a bird
Sitting high in a tree
And here I am
Hiding from someone’s tea
Like a worm trying not to be seen

You’ve got the motive
You got no alibi
You’ve got time to kill
This ain’t no suicide
You pack a big strong punch
You’ve got a felon’s eyes
Just like a mastermind of crime

There I go
Trying to leave this place
Like a bird
Flaps it wings in a cage
And the chairman knows
How it will end some day
So he takes what he can
For his prey

You’ve got the money
You got the little guy
You’ve got no remorse
This tastes like cyanide
You’ve got the CEO
You like to strategize
Just like a mastermind of crime

You’re the hero
Of every lie
You like to boast
You always advertise
You like girls in skirts
You like to womanise
You make enemies
And then you fraternise
You’re the reason
For every single fight
You feed your victims
With thalidomide
A drunken rage calls
Almost every night
Just like a mastermind of crime

She said there will be no beginning
Feeling of winning
With too much time on your hands
To sing and to paint in enamel
Is merely to dabble
It’s not a real job that demands
Everything to be sold
And I gave it all up for
A life to be found and be told
I gave it all up for…

She said I had no sense of purpose
Made me feel worthless
All this time on my hands
I dreamt of a bum in his squalor
No corporate dollars
To keep the wolf from the lamb
And his health and his home
And I gave it all up for
A life to be felt and be known
I gave it all up for…

She said there was no point in leaving
Nothing worth achieving
So much time on my hands
I smiled like a thief of the gallant
Devoid of all talent
She conveyed my lack of demand
To be sung, to be seen
But she’d give it all up for
A chance to be loved and be me
Oh yeah, she’d give it all up for…

Corporation, Finance, Operations
Marketing, Sales, Revenue
Profit, Competition

At the Wall Street walls
She is winning wars
At the Wall Street walls
She is winning wars…

When I reach uncertainty
And can not let it show
Find comfort in familiar things
And never let them go
It’s like the twee song
You know exactly how it’s going to end
It’s like the twee song
You know exactly where it’s going to end

When all is blue
No one but you
No sun or shade
No twee song I can play
If all is new
This might be true

Now and then I rattle off
Everything I know
Find solace in my cleverness
And always make it so
It’s like the twee song
You know exactly how it’s going to end
It’s like the twee song
You know exactly where it’s going to end

Clearly I should think about
Some other kind of world
Embrace uncertainty
And go and get the girl
I like the twee song
I know exactly how it’s going to end
I like the twee song
I know exactly where it’s going to end

If all is new
And an old dream stays with you
When all is blue
And the black dog follows you
If all is new
This might be true


Chronology: Album 4
Released (Digital): 14 February 2013
Released (CD): 18 February 2013
Labels: Hark Records / Space March Pty Ltd
Production: All tracks written and arranged by Craig Simmons
except track 1 which incorporates a melody from In the Hall of the Mountain King written by Edvard Grieg in 1874-76.
Performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Craig Simmons.
Mastered by Robin Schmidt at 24-96 Mastering.
Art & design by Craig Simmons. Inside CD photo by Alex Harris.