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Without This You Can Never Change

Without This You Can Never Change is lyric-driven, energetic electropop that’s a little bit indie and kind of rocks. In one sense, I was harking back to my roots in the music of New Order, but was also influenced by the contemporary electro of Goldfrapp. This album is edgier and more electronic than the debut Space March album but still retains a strong pop sensibility.

An earlier version of the album was released in 2006, followed by this remixed version released in 2007.

The best selling tracks across all digital services are: About To Explode, Nothing Else and Canadian Girls.




Feminist Review

Space March is a one-man electro explosion band created by Australian Craig Simmons. His second album, Without This You Can Never Change, is a collection of beat thumping anthems that would be at home in any hip club of eager dancers, but the album definitely calls for indie-pop-electronica musical taste to truly be appreciated. Space March is intensely melodic pop that relies heavily on a combination of the human and the machine. Craig Simmons utilizes synthesizers, guitars, strings, and electric pianos to create this upbeat music while his strong vocals wrap around the sounds to guide listeners into his dreamlike world.

In the intro song, “About To Explode,” Simmons starts out with cutting throbs that invoke visions of laser tag sounds before he bursts into a declaration that, “Without this you can never change, time will heal almost everything.” This and all subsequent songs seem to maintain a theme of time and growth, subject matter that is easily relatable to the lives of his listeners. “Four Winds” is a breezy song about moving on and building oneself up to have that strength. In this song, Simmons sings, “I’m closing down, I am getting out, I am like the Devil, but it’s more devout. I could buy a thousand souls and still not find a way to take you and keep all four winds at bay.”

While his lyrics are touching, loving, and relatable, they also portray a certain air of inaccessibility that is a bit refreshing in a time of transferable sentiment. He sings songs that challenge listeners to question the potential of how much this vivacious music truly can change one’s life.

Publication: Feminist Review
Date: April, 2008
Reviewer: Djuna A. Davidson

Elektrauma Review

Translated from German

With regards to the title of this album you can say the following: once you have listened to this album you feel changed. If you are one of those people who thinks synthpop is dead, after having listened to this album all you can say is: synthpop has been revived successfully. It is a simple recipe the band is using. It is well made synthpop which does not waste time trying to sound like old heroes, like Depeche Mode, Camouflage or others. This CD is looking for it’s own audience and sounds automatically fresh and new! The songs vary between pop melodies which, in combination with guitars, sound ‘earthy’ and sound a bit Indie (“Out of Touch, “About To Explode”, “Stronger Than Steel”). The CD also allows for extremely electronic moments (“Nothing Else”, “Time Will Make A Fool Out Of Me”). With this Australian project, the music and the song as such, are always the center of attention. Space March does not try to sound fake, but very honest. Space March creates a great atmosphere using the right tools. The very high pitch voice (reminds me of bands like Elegant Machinery) lends the compositions lots of atmospheric moments. It should be easy for Space March to make its mark in this country! (insider’s tip!)

Score: 6 out of 6
Publication: Elektrauma
Date: July, 2007
Reviewer: Andreas Romer

Read Junk Review

Some bands these days pay homage to an older era by incorporating the sounds into their music. Others, like Space March, play music so authentically retro that it’s hard to believe it was made in this era. Essentially a one man synth band, Space March is the closest thing to Depeche Mode I’ve heard since, well, Depeche Mode. And the record is good, too. One of the greatest strengths in recreating the authentic synth pop sound is the use of programmed drums, synthesizers, guitars, and most of all, Craig Simmons’ voice, a perfect mix between the lead singer of the Go-Betweens and New Order.

I do think that Simmons is a better performer than songwriter. And that’s not to say that any of the songs are bad, but none of the tracks, except maybe album highlight ‘Canadian Girls’ comes close to the brilliance of ‘Personal Jesus’, ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’, or ‘A Little Respect’. But it’s not without trying. The album is absolutely consistent in its retro sound, with a slightly dark undertone but a generally bubbly nature. Play this for your next 80s party and nobody will believe it was made in 2007.

Bottom Line: Perfectly recreated 80s synth pop. Hard to believe how accurate it is.
Notable Tracks: Canadian Girls, Impossible, About To Explode
Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Publication: Read Junk
Date: December, 2007
Reviewer: Daniel Field
Web Site Review Page: Read Junk

Aiding & Abetting Review

Electronic pop, rock and roll in full force. Not strictly new wave or laptop or that sort of thing–though there are similarities, of course.

The main similarity is that Space March is one Craig Simmons, and this album is seriously assembled. Not unlike the Elliot Carlson Botero album I reviewed earlier, the electronics serve their master and don’t wag the dog.

Yeah, there are Erasure or even Abba-esque moments. And there are some serious kick-ass rock bits. Sometimes in the same song. Simmons is a master of assimilation, which probably will put off a few people. That’s okay. He appears to be serving the interests of good music, and I’ll vote on that party line every time.

Fun and engaging. Simmons has a sense of melody and lyric that reminds me a bit of Stephin Merritt (Magnetic Fields, etc.). Simmons lives in a much brighter universe, but his occasional wry asides (in both music and lyrics) tell me that his eyes are wide open. He simply prefers to walk on the brighter path. Works for me.

Publication: Aiding & Abetting
Date: December, 2007
Reviewer: Jon Worley
Web Site Review Page: Aiding & Abetting

Plug In Music Review

Dreamy ballads mingle with bubbly electropop melodies that flitter and flow effortlessly from “Without This You Can Never Change,” the sophomore release from songwriter and producer Craig Simmons. Simmons, the lone man behind Space March, makes sure that the electronics and showy vocals blend well into many of his songs, bending the line until synthpop becomes simply pop.

Sounds Like: Sweet synthpop

Key Tracks: “Out Of Touch”

Rating: B

Publication: plug in music
Date: April 23, 2008
Reviewer: Corinne (Editor)
Web Site Review Page: Plug In Music

The ChickenFish Speaks

This is what it would’ve sounded back in the ’80s if ABC and Erasure got together to do an album. This CD explodes right out of the gate with the tune, well, uh “About to Explode”. It has the dancey synth goodness of any Erasure hit with a vocal delivery that’s dead on for a Martin Fry of ABC with a cold. In fact “Canadian Girl” sounds like a straight up ABC tune. While Space March does infuse some modern electronica into their songs (I can hear a bit of Daft Punk robot screeches on the tune “Nothing Else”) for the most part their synth is securely footed in the ’80s. While the last two songs are a bit weak, overall this CD is pretty damn good.

Publication: The ChickenFish Speaks
Date: December, 2007
Reviewer: Mite Mutant


Without this you can never change
Time will heal almost every pain
In the end there is so much more
Relax and try not to be so sure

Hello world
Good bye chaps
Ready to snap
Burning inside
Starting to glow
Gathering time
Waiting to blow
She’s about to explode

Man I’m tired and I feel so sick
She said she must get over this
Like the shrew you can never tame
Blood will boil through every vein

Tick tock tick and she’s gaining time
One more day and she’ll lose her mind
When you call I’ll be far away
Another time and another day

She said I’m ugly and she will need
More than a scrubbing brush to get me clean
And I have no vices and I have no fun
And I don’t eat chocolate and I live on crumbs
And it’s hard to imagine
And it’s hard to believe
My reality is falling to its knees
And I start to wonder if you really see
Do you see the same world as me?

Am I out of touch
Can I be so far from the fold?
Am I out of touch
Can I be so far from the mold?

She said I’m thoughtful and kind of sweet
Good for her amusement, good for her relief
But I have no vices and I should have some
And I should get drunk along with everyone
And it’s hard to imagine
And it’s hard to suspend
Belief in anything – reality unchecked
And I start to wonder if you really see
Do you see the same world as me?

She said nothing much
And nothing would she say
Her expression was cold in every way
And I stare at this figurine
Searching for a soul
Once there was a human
Now there is a hole
And the sound of her silence
Is hard to believe
My reality is falling to its knees
And I realise that you’ll never see
Never see the same world as me

Without you there is no use
There is no possible way to change
Without this there is no truth
Every single degree the same

Canadian fame
Ontario right through me
In semaphore an ocean bleeds for you
And three colours blue
Staring from a wall at me
Shadowing eyes can see for…

Girls, Canadian girls
Forever inside me then
Forever deciding when to…

There might be nothing else
You could be just a shell
I might be half myself
This could be just as well

Lay your hands on me
Forget about the things you see
Let go and be free
Erase what you did once believe

There’s always someone else
We’re all like empty shells
We all live by ourselves
This could be just as well

Open up your mind
To see you must be almost blind
To know is just to lie
To lie is just to buy some time

I’m starting out
I’m starting again
Turned over a new leaf and I
Turned it back again (oh)
Fed up with marking time
And going nowhere too
Fed up with being without you

Take me where the air is clear and
Let me breathe
Can’t you see I need to let it go
Easier to waste away than
Start again
Some say I’m crippled by what I know
And the changes show
When the four winds blow

I’m a little rough
I’m a little tired
I’m a little pissed off and I’m
Acting like a child (oh)
Why is it complicated
To need such simple things
And what is right
And where do I begin?

I’m closing down
I’m getting out
I’m like the devil but he’s more devout
I could buy a thousand souls
And still not find a way
To take you and keep all four winds at bay

Once again
Or twice together
Remember me?
That sense of pressure
Always there
Staring for my leisure
Breaking you
Impossible forever

And I never wanted anyone like this before
And I shouldn’t want the things I can not score
And I closed my eyes and walked away
And washed my hands of you
But I couldn’t see
My hands weren’t clean
You’re impossible to ignore

Another friend
You never please or mention
Seeing you
Like military detention
All the time
Gathering momentum
Until you find
There is no one expression

In the end
There is no clearer weather
Breaking you
Impossible forever

Time will make a fool out of me
Time will tell and I will see
What a fool that I have been
And I’m
Disgraced, I am
Misplaced, I am
Ashamed, I fear
We’re running out of time

It was a long road to this place
That feels like the start
And sleight of hand made it seem
To arrive is to depart

And I’m never going back
I’m never going to stand behind you too
And I’m never fading out
I’m never leaving here without you too
With my hand on my heart
And my heart on my sleeve
And I feel like I’ve lost a pivitol part of me

It took me three years to unwind
And realise I was wrong
Divide and regroup
To give-up and move on

And I’m never going back
I never want to live that life again
And I never want to speak of things
That will remind me of then
With your face cut in two
And a version of the truth
And I know that is to start is just to end

I want to try and read the signs
Control your thoughts
And change your mind
’cause all I want is you
Breaking news across the sea
Remote control publicity
Shining all day long

I want to make you more like me
I want to shape the world I see
I want to fake electricity
I want to change the seasons
I want to shutdown every store
I want show up every flaw
I want to lay down civil law
I want to stand for treason

I want to harness every sea
A cleaner form of energy
Burning all the time
An exile of the human race
A refugee from outer space
Marching down the line

I want to make you more like me
I want to shape the world I see
I want to fake electricity
I want to change the seasons
I want to strip back all your clothes
I want to leave your hands exposed
I want to unturn every stone
I want to show you reason

I want to give up everything
Play guitar and try to sing
When all I want is you

Black eye blue
I’m not the man
I’m not the government
Green and new
I understand so much more you see
And sugar feeds the darker side in me
And so I crave and so I have the need
To be free

You’ve got presence
You’ve got sugar
I’ve got a know and you’ve got to fight
You’ve got presence
You have sugar
I’ve got ask and you’ve got to lie

Cold and dry
This line divides those of us who
Fail and try
To give up wanting sugar every day
To clean up this addiction all the way
And realise that all people are the same
In the main

All tools down
I’m not afraid
I’m not the president
Old and proud
I’m not ashamed
I’m not a version of you
I’m not afraid
I’m not a vision in blue
Another way to taste the sugar too
Likes it’s new

I’m stronger than steel
And no one can hurt me
But I think you just have
I’m asleep at the wheel
And nothing can wake me
But you always can

I’ll feel much better in the morning
I’ll feel much better when you’re gone
I know I’ve got to clear this complication
Give up my medication and move on

I’m harder than stone
And nothing can break me
But I’m broken in two
I’m cold and alone
And no one can warm me
But you always do

I’ll feel much better under blue sky
When I can see in the clearer light of day
I know I’ve got to curb these aspirations
Give up this one fixation and move on

I’m high as a kite
And nothing can ground me
But you brought me down
I’m lost in the night
And no one can hear me
But you heard my sound

I’ll feel much better in the morning
I’ll feel much better when you stop
I know I’ve got to close this operation
Enter liquidation and get off

Ten miles forward
Ten miles back
Ten miles of cigarettes and
Ten miles of crap
There’s nothing important
And it goes so fast
Nothing that means anything and
Nothing that will last

There’s no way forward from here
There’s no way back
Sometimes I’m a little scared that I
I may be trapped
Trapped in my own four walls and
Dressed in black
Unable to paint it white or
Know where I’m at

Ten miles backward
Ten miles gone
Ten miles of choking smoke and
Ten miles alone
Double the boredom
And the same old stuff
Numb all your senses and then
Give it all up

There’s no way forward from here
There’s no way back
Sometimes I’m a little scared that I
I maybe trapped

You were always ever in my home
Always on display but never known
And you were always pushing me around
Where there is no next time to be found

One without reason
Two that are void
Ten miles of mobile phones and
Ten miles of noise


Chronology: Album 2
Released (Digital): 24 April 2007
Released (CD): 24 April 2007
Labels: Hark Records / Space March Pty Ltd / Ninthwave Records
Production: All tracks written, performed and produced by Craig Simmons.
Mastered by Brian Hazard at Resonance Mastering.
Art & design by Craig Simmons.