Monumental is the third and highest selling Space March album. I worked with legendary producer/engineer Mark Saunders (Erasure, Depeche Mode, The Cure, A-ha) who gave the album a polished and classic 80s synthpop sound.

I also created large pop-art style artworks on canvas to accompany each song on the album, which were exhibited at a gallery in Sydney and included as postcards for the Special Edition CD.

The best selling tracks across all digital services are: Eye For An Eye, American Girl and Space Cowboy.



The Space Cowboy video was shot in Mungo National Park in outback Australia. The lunar landscape was filmed at a place referred to as The Great Wall of China and is famous for its “lunettes” which come to life at sunset. The shoot was strategically timed with the full moon which provides a second light source.

Direction, Visual Effects and Editing by Craig Simmons; Cinematography by Alex Harris.

The video for Get What You Deserve was shot on a DC-3 plane wreck in Sólheimasandur, south Iceland near the town of Vik. The plane, belonging to the United States Navy, ran out of fuel and crashed landed here in 1973.

Direction, Visual Effects and Editing by Craig Simmons; Cinematography by Alex Harris.



You sell music we want to buy
You tap into the back of our minds
You know how we want to feel
You give love a certain appeal

An adrenalin rush that we can’t resist
And we feel like a desperate junkie to this
Grand entertainment so illusive and slick
This insatiable sound to make ourselves sick

American girl
American boy
Say your name
Sing every note
Give us a show
Give us fame

You give us an illusion of self
Like we are unique, like nobody else
A million sales to make every star
To shine in your eyes and play the guitar

A feeling so familiar that we feel at home
Like déjà vu coated in glistening chrome
Like Adam and Eve cast in silicon moulds
This magnificent plastic will never be old

A pelvic thrust that we can’t resist
And we feel like a horny housewife to this
Bad entertainment so packaged and slick
This unfortunate sound to make ourselves sick

Oh this monumental feeling
Of everything to be before
I couldn’t help but wanting more
And oh this monumental feeling
Now and then I wonder why
I never really touched the sky

This sad illusion carries me
Yes there will be problems after these
Of all the things, of this you can be sure
And how this grand confusion will be yours

This sweet deception will unfold
Until there is no meaning to be told
In the end does it matter if it’s real?
Just the truth of how it makes you feel

There must be some way out
Of here, I can run
My next of kin must think
I’m someone else’s son
At times I can’t believe
Just how far I’ve come
The cloud that’s silver lined
Leaves me feeling numb

You give, you take
You live and learn
You fear you’ll get
What you deserve

There must be an end in sight
To what I’m going through
There must be half a dozen
Better things to do
If I could find a way
To break this spell in two
A door, an exit sign
A rocket to the moon

An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
You must decide
Revenge or the truth?

In all the world
There is so much more
To deceive you
(All things must come and go)
The royal force
And the Trojan horse
That will seem true
(For this I was never told)
And to find
There is nothing more
Than your own life
(Then reaching the end of line)
Like the thrill
And the driving will
Just to survive

An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
Judgement awaits
The moment of truth

An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
Lost in belief
Fooled by the truth

Space Cowboy
You’re in my soul
You’re in my heart
You’re in my dreams

Space Cowboy
I see your soul
I feel your heart
I know your dreams

In my mind it seemed so perfect
In the end I hope it’s worth it
Uncelebrated each December
Forgetting more than you’ll remember

Chasing this elusive dream
Shaping every part of me
In spite of this and things gone wrong
The music plays it on and on and on
This simple song goes on and on and on

Space Cowboy
I heard your plea
I hear your prayer
I feel your pain

Do you remember my name?
I was 16 years
Action had no consequence
Do you remember that day?
You were so very smart
And brazen with your confidence

I found pleasure on my local bus
A human body on which to brush
There were uniforms to adjust
And all the girls and girls and girls
I got six strings in a guitar shop
Read the record charts start to top
I found music that would never stop
Singing Duran Duran Duran

Do you remember my name?

Do you remember my name?
I had 16 fears
And 60 curiosities
Do you remember the pain?
I thought getting rid of you
Would pay for this atrocity

I got happy like an April Fool
I was damned by a Christian school
I was hungrier than the wolf
Singing do do, do do, do do

Do you remember my name?

Shadows, I see shadows
Feel the sunshine
In the shadows
And every ray of light
Will be my friend, for a while
And every blade of grass
Must take the sun from the sky

I know that I’m bored again
Remember this might be the end
December – that’s no ending
I knew it from the start
The shadow’s in my heart
It’s just another part of me

Shadows, I see shadows
Taste the darkness
In the shadows
For everyone is born the earth
And everyone must die
And every cloud that forms above
Makes shadows in the sky

Shadows, I see shadows
Feel the sunlight
In the shadows
And when the sun will scorch you through
Take time in the shade
And when sun does shine again
Try to make hay

When I feel nothing, I need news
I want some issues, I want views
I want to laugh, I want to sob
I need perfection in a bob
When I don’t quite know how to feel
I want the truth to be concealed
And if I don’t know who to trust
I’ll take your pleasure and disgust

Every time you look at me
Every chance you’ve got to read
I am emotion, I show flesh
I’m your saviour, I am the press

Stop the press (you love it girl)
Stop the press (you want it girl)
Stop the press (you need me girl)

When I see tragedy abound
And your remorse is so profound
I want confession every time
I need your message to be mine
I want debate and argument
Give me guilt and consequence
And if I can not find the link
Please just tell me what to think

Every star who’s adding weight
Every heartbreak on a plate
Every look you’ve got to show
My dirty trash you’ve got to know

The words on the page
And the image it displayed
How my heart ran away
And I paid

Like a bank to a thief
With tight gritted teeth
The editor in chief
Smiled away

I know you
Like we all do
And you know us
Because we’re just the same as you

When all the world
Begins to crumble
When all around
Is full of trouble
The social fabric
Left in tatters
Your sex appeal
Is all that matters

To you
It matters to you
Not to me, to you
Not to me, to you

I saw you
Stand in centre stage
All eyes on you
And the mirror in the cage

I felt you
Radiating pride
Vanity to match
With beauty by your side

I began with no protection
Everything was a lie
And I couldn’t find
Any help at all
Except the old school tie

Those memories seem distant
But I feel like it’s déjà vu
Have I been here before today?
Either way, I’m screwed

And I know everything you know
And I know everything I’ve got to be
Like you too
I’ve seen better days

Six months further on
It’s not so bad or good
I can’t really make the same complaints
As well as I really should

And I feel like I’m a crossword
With clues I’ll never find
And I do not know
If I’m right or wrong
Perceptive and/or blind

Entwined in complication
Entangled all the way
Where is this place I’ve landed in
And how can I escape?

Caught inside the haze
Trapped in my own malaise
Searching for the view
Defining the old from new
And all that I know
Leaves nothing much to show
But what I add to my name
What I feel in my veins
Like the art in the scheme
Like the blues and man machine

Troubled for a while
Smacked the inner child
Searching for a way
Kidnap my former days
And all that I know
Leaves nothing much to show
But this shadow of a place
The march and the space
Like the art in the scheme
Like the blues and man machine

Falling short of tall
Took pride in my fall
Searching in the dark
Building Noah’s Ark
And all that I know
Leaves nothing much to show
But I taste what I feel
And I know what is real
Like the art in the scheme
Like the blues and man machine

Oh to be new
Without you there is fear
Without hope I am weak
All this time trying hard

To be well and be free
To be whole once again
All alone on the prairie
With air and the trees

And my soul in my hands
Distant fields in my eyes
All alone like a cowboy
Heading west
To the sun in the sky

Like the sun and the seed
That will grow once again
All is green in the field
And the space and the air

She will heal and believe
And will walk every mile
All alone on the prairie
Till the meadow
Meets the sun in the sky



Chronology: Album 3
Released (Digital): 26 August 2011
Released (CD): 12 September 2011
Labels: Hark Records / Space March Pty Ltd
Production: All tracks written, arranged and produced by Craig Simmons.
Tracks 1 – 7 mixed and additional production by Mark Saunders.
Tracks 8 – 12 mixed by Craig Simmons.
Mastered by BEAT360, New York.
Art & design by Craig Simmons.
Performers: Craig Simmons performs Lead Vocals, Keyboards and Beats.
Tania Doria as Electra-city performs Lead Vocal duet on Eye For An Eye and Backing Vocals on Space Cowboy, Shadows, Do You Remember My Name?, Your Sex Appeal Is All That Matters, Alone On The Prairie.
Jac Wilkins performs Guitar on Monumental, Space Cowboy, Shadows.