Whilst Retrowave is a genre that often blindly celebrates nostalgia, this new single from Space March critically explores the nature of nostalgia. Why are people attracted to nostalgia and what does it mean?

Musically, it’s hook driven, high-energy synthpop. With a pulsating bassline playing sixteenths, sharp drums and some crispy synth leads, it’s unsurprisingly and unashamedly 1980s.

Nostalgia is the start of a new Space March project. Expect a series of singles in the latter half of 2019 and a new album in 2020.

Space March – Nostalgia single cover



It’s a running fight
It’s a complicated world
With a fading light
Your predilection will unfurl
You know what’s right
But you never make a sound
Then your day is night
And you’re floating out of town

Nostalgia, through and through
You can’t think of anything else
Nostalgia, shining through
Always reflecting yourself

Like an 80s flick
It’s a little silly now
But on the face of it
It charms us all somehow
These times are dark
In a stark reality
And looking back
There was so much possibility

It’s a wistful past
That feels like nostalgia
And you’re home at last
But nothing‘s the same, I’m afraid

Nostalgia, more and more
Shying from anything new
Nostalgia, rise and fall
The present is waiting for you


Released (Digital): 16 August 2019
Labels: Hark Records / Space March Pty Ltd
Production: Nostalgia written, performed and produced by Craig Simmons.
Cover design by Craig Simmons.