Thanks so much to all who completed my Space March survey. The feedback has been illuminating. Whilst there are some common themes and a shared interest in Space March, it also shows how we are all different.


There were 63 responses, of which 31 were from North America, 22 from Europe and the UK, and 10 from Australia.


Respondents top genres were Synthpop (91%), 80s Pop & Rock (75%), New Wave (70%), and Synthwave (60%), with the other predefined genres also popular in the 30-48% range. Their favourite artists are quite diverse with 206 unique artists listed, but the most popular were: Pet Shop Boys (21), Depeche Mode (20), OMD (18), Erasure (17), New Order (9), Space March (7 – thank you!), and Duran Duran (6).


Respondents almost all listen to music daily, and 82% listen to Space March at least once a month. 75% listen on headphones or earbuds, 64% listen in the car, and 79% listen on some type of dedicated speakers (Hi-Fi / Wi-Fi / Soundbar / Studio Monitors).

Listening to music via CD, Streaming, or Downloads is fairly evenly matched. Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music are also pretty close as preferred streaming platforms. Their download formats of choice are MP3, FLAC, and 24-bit audio files.


Regarding Space March album preferences, 54% listed Algorithm as a favourite album, with Future Memories and Monumental both at 36.5%, Mountain King at 33%, and the other albums in the 19-27% range.

Favourite songs were diverse, but popular tracks included: Space Cowboy, You Are Electric, Forget What The Mind Says, It’s Alright, Algorithm, Nude Descending Staircase, Shine, and Sweden. Most respondents think there is a consistently high sound quality across all my releases, but the more recent releases have been highlighted by some as having the best sound quality.


The general comments were very supportive and complimentary across the board, with some offering specific suggestions, such as: 80s style extended mixes; Dolby Atmos versions; more vocal harmonies; “staying true”; touring with Pet Shop Boys; and my personal favourite – “try making a masterpiece album”. I’ll do my best!


43% of respondents would like to buy the new Space March album on CD, and the same percentage for Download. Vinyl has considerably less demand at 16%. There is similar interest in the Algorithm album on CD. This confirms my decision to manufacture Algorithm and the forthcoming album on CD and provide a retail bundle option.

I was pleasantly surprised with the interest in merch with 68% interested in some form of merch. T-shirts were the clear winner, but Sweatshirts & Hoodies were also popular, as were Canvas Art Prints & Framed Posters.

Thanks again to all who participated and for your very helpful feedback. You are electric!

Craig // Space March