“I could be wrong, I could be right” (tenuous PiL reference), but I’m rather ambitiously working on four new Space March albums! I have 40+ songs in production and have completed 16. When I get to the 20 song mark, I will create two album tracklistings, do the final mixes, get them mastered, and resume the process of releasing more singles, followed by these albums.

The objective of this craziness is to always be at least one album ahead of what I’m releasing. From there on, this allows me to keep a steady stream of new music flowing, rather than going into hibernation for prolonged periods, which is what I typically do.

The great challenge of working alone and performing pretty much every aspect of the production process myself is that it takes a lot of time to finish and release an album. And I really need to spend more time marketing my music to a wider audience, making more videos, and engaging with you all.

So what does the new music sound like? Well, there’s a bit of everything. Some songs were written decades ago, some were written just weeks ago – and most, somewhere in between! I’m making a commitment to completing everything I start – pushing through the boredom, fatigue and frustration that solo DIY artists inevitably experience when they hear a song so many times.

Despite the diversity of the song origins and themes, I have brought a continuity to the production, which is not dissimilar to the last two singles: Tokyo and Nostalgia. It’s all melodic Synthpop, but some tracks have a Britpop flavour whilst others are more Synthwave in their feel. I’m also covering the full gamut of tempos ranging from very slow to fast – in fact two of my favourite tracks are the fastest tracks to date. The lyrics carry on in my signature style of reflective and philosophical pondering around time and change, as well as some topical issues based on life in lockdown and the algorithmic nature of the modern digital age. I think there are some great tunes and lyrics amongst these songs that equal the best of my past work.

Really looking forward to sharing more with you soon…

Craig // Space March