Space Cowboy

Space Cowboy was a promotional single to launch the release of the Monumental album. For the single, I created a very trippy, visual-effects rich video, which was shot in outback Australia.

Space Cowboy features mixing and additional production from legendary producer/engineer Mark Saunders.

Featured below is the artwork I created for the song which was printed on canvas and exhibited at a gallery in Sydney. The artwork is also included in the set of postcards for the Special Edition Monumental CD.


The Space Cowboy video was shot in Mungo National Park in outback Australia. The lunar landscape was filmed at a place referred to as The Great Wall of China and is famous for its “lunettes” which come to life at sunset. The shoot was strategically timed with the full moon which provides a second light source.

Direction, Visual Effects and Editing by Craig Simmons; Cinematography by Alex Harris.




Chronology: 1st single from Monumental Album
Released (Promo): 8 August 2011
Labels: Hark Records / Space March Pty Ltd
Production: Written, arranged and produced by Craig Simmons.
Mixing and additional production by Mark Saunders.
Mastered by BEAT360, New York.
Art & design by Craig Simmons.
Performers: Lead vocals, keyboards and beats by Craig Simmons.
Backing vocals by Tania Doria as Electra-city.
Guitar by Jac Wilkins.