Spotify classifies Space March as Deep Neo-synthpop – with “Deep” probably being a euphemism for obscure. The classification is based on an algorithmic deduction and seems to have a strong relationship to the artists from, what was known as, the Modern Synthpop scene of the late 1990s and early 2000s – a scene for which I was on the outskirts. However, if there is one song on this album that does fit this genre, it’s this one.


I’d describe “Monster, Man, Machine” as dark synthpop that’s a little bit goth. The energetic bassline has two interleaving parts playing at once creating an interesting rhythm – a classic synthpop technique. Vince Clarke describes this as music like clockwork – many cogs in synchronised precision.

There is also a greater variety of synths on “Monster, Man, Machine” than any other track on the Future Memories album, as you’ll see below.



The lyrics to this song are equally dark – a dream (or perhaps a nightmare) resembling a dystopian sci-fi adventure. The verses contain disjointed imagery, much like a dream, whilst the vocoded lyrics move into list song territory.

Like several of my other songs, “Monster, Man, Machine” explores the themes of illusion and reality, as well as repetition and the circular nature of time.

Monster, human, somatic, delusion, robot, mutant, machine

However it hurts
Whatever it takes
You run and you hide
The monster awakes
You’re out of time
You have no space
Machine in your hands
The thrill of the chase

The girl in the mask
The man in the suit
Hot on your tail
Deep in pursuit
The colour of green
The man and machine
The look in their eyes…

Inside a dream
It all makes sense to me
Inside a dream
The monster, man, machine

The feeling inside
Seems so real
The dead of night
A moment revealed
A greater truth
Or trivial fact
Plays on your mind
And circles back

A metaphor
That makes no sense
A prosecution
Without a defense
A courtroom scene
The man and machine
The look in their eyes…

Inside a dream
How circular it seems
Inside a dream
The monster, man, machine


“Monster, Man, Machine” features sounds from vintage synths, samplers and drum machines, along with some modern synth/drum sounds from UVI Falcon and two orchestral libraries.

• Korg Polysix – bass
• Korg PS-3200 – bass
• Monark (Native Instruments) – bass
• Oberheim SEM (Arturia) – arpeggios
• Casio CZ5000 – arpeggios
• Yamaha CS-70m – lead
• Yamaha CS-80 (Arturia) – lead
• Rhodes Chroma – lead
• DK Synergy – lead
• Waldorf Microwave XT – lead
• Roland Jupiter 8 (Arturia) – keys
• Akai AX80 – keys
• Oberheim DMX – drums
• Emulator II – drums
• Kawai XD5 – drums
• Korg DD1 – drums
• Microtonic – drums
• UVI Falcon – drums, keys