Ever since my second Space March album, I’ve always included a “geo-romantic” track where I incorporate a country reference into the lyrics and song title. To date we’ve had “Canadian Girls”, “American Girl”, “Norway” and now, “Sweden”. I’m also currently working on a song for my next album with lyrics and a title based on Japan’s mega-city, Tokyo! Watch me as I systematically offend every nation on earth, ha, ha…


“Sweden” is pure synthpop and classic Space March. It’s probably the only track on the Future Memories album that would comfortably sit on the Monumental album. The track has a somewhat Erasuresque feel to me – in fact as a long-shot, I pitched for Vince Clarke to remix the track via his Very Records label. Of course, this was an extremely long-shot! Having said all that, the verse vocal melody is really a sweet, indie pop tune.



The lyrics to Sweden were intended to be both romantic and humorous. They were inspired by my Scandiphile partner, who by definition, loves all things Scandinavian. I’ve often joked that her ancestors must have originated from this part of the world. I suspect it’s the only song in the universe that makes mention of Raynaud’s Phenomenon where a person’s fingers can turn white from lack of blood flow in response to cold. “Raynaud’s hands and indie bands are taking hold, again”. Having teased my partner about her zombie fingers for years, it seems like poetic justice that I now suffer Raynaud’s Phenomenon since recording this song!

Always riding
Always shining in the sun
Simple lines and timeless style
She’s never wrong, at all
With two doors sliding
Now she’s gliding through the air
Scandi love and Nordic blood
And her despair, oh yeah

I think she comes from Sweden
Take me back to Sweden

Always finding
Dabs of colour in the cold
Raynaud’s hands and indie bands
Are taking hold, my friend
Two cans, string and
Now she’s singing on the phone
Painted goods and blocks of wood
Are quite at home, again

Yes, it’s true
You’re yellow and blue
You’re fair as a queen
Your Scandinavian genes

Always gliding
Always shining in the sun
Simple lines and modern style
She’s never wrong
She’s never wrong


“Sweden” features sounds from vintage synths, samplers and drum machines, along with some modern synth/drum sounds from UVI Falcon and orchestral/ensemble sounds.

• Oberheim SEM (Arturia) – leads x 3
• Roland Jupiter 8 (Arturia) – lead
• Roland Promars – lead, bass 
• Oberheim Matrix 12 – pads, bass
• Korg Polysix – bass

• Emulator II – drums
• Linn Drum – drums
• Korg DDD-1 – drums
• Microtonic – drums
• Falcon – drums, synths