Every time I write what I think is a good song, I fear it’s the last good song I’ll ever write. But then, like magic, out of nowhere comes the germ of a new song. You can’t predict it or fit it into a schedule for writing songs – it just happens. What I’ve found over the years is it’s best to run with it when you get an idea. This means stopping what you’re doing and putting down the melody which you can come back to later for refinement.

And so it was with this song. Whilst I should really have been doing other things this week such as working out how the hell I’m going to make a living as an artist – or, culling tracks for the next album – I did end-up working on this new song – Apple Of My Eye.

I came-up with the germ of the song last week, thought about it for several days and then started producing the track last Friday. I recorded the vocals on Wednesday and did a demo mix yesterday.

Apple Of My Eye is an epic, layered and emotional mix of orchestral electro pop. There are moments in the song which remind me of New Order, Roxy Music and Ennio Morricone, although none of these are intentional. I particularly like the bridge lyrics and the slurred guitar sound.

I could hear another pop artist performing this song, so if any famous pop stars reading this blog want the song, get in touch :)

UPDATE: Feb 2013 – replaced demo with album mix