A friend of mine once commented on the women and geography theme running through my albums – on Without This You Can Never Change there was ‘Canadian Girls’, on Monumental – ‘American Girl’, and on the forthcoming album will be my latest song ‘Norway’ in which I personify the Norwegian landscape as a kind of seductive goddess.

I travelled to Norway in June this year with my partner and it is a truly spectacular country. Beyond the postcard style beauty of the fjords lies another type of beauty which is “raw and infused” (lyric), mysterious and even mystical. I actually came up with the idea for this song as I read about Norway before the trip. Experiencing Norway in all its summer splendour gave me the resolve to complete the song.

‘Norway’ is an unapologetic slice of pure electropop. After all, the country of Norway is home to some great electropop from A-ha to Röyksopp, so it only seemed appropriate. The song contrasts moody, ambient synth sounds with a fat and punchy rhythm section rich in Moogish tones courtesy of the SE-1 (a rack-mount Minimoog).

So get Nordic and enjoy – cold water blues, like an arrow in your heart…