The Space March Art Exhibition opened on Saturday, the 3rd of September and runs till Friday, the 16th of September 2011 at blank_space Gallery in Surry Hills, Sydney.

I have been manning the gallery which has been an interesting experience. Many people are shocked to find out I have created both the art and the music for the new Monumental album. It’s also been fascinating observing the variety of emotional responses to the art (and music) when people first walk into the gallery. Most people have been very complimentary about the exhibition, drawing in people from the streets both young and old, male and female. My favourite comment so far is: “it looks like aliens have landed”.

Exhibition Opening

The Artworks


The Space March album Monumental is a collection of 12 songs and artworks by Craig Simmons. Each artwork is a visual response to the corresponding song. Some artworks echo the feeling of the music or the sentiment of the lyrics, whilst other responses provide an alternative perspective to the meaning of the song. Artworks are available as large format, limited edition canvas prints.