Making Saturn’s Sun

2021-02-23T16:24:32+11:00April 13th, 2016|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |

For me, the most interesting part of making music is taking that germ of an idea and turning it into a song. In the early stages, a song can be anything – it is undefined and unlimited, and with that comes a great degree of optimism. As the production progresses, it seldom reaches [...]

Making of – Babylon

2021-02-23T16:31:56+11:00November 25th, 2012|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |

'Babylon' is a song about a controlling man corrupted by the pursuit of money and power. Heavy topic, I know :) The mythology surrounding Babylon is popular amongst sci-fi enthusiasts and conspiracists alike - the genesis of reptilian humanoids, the Babylonian Brotherhood who supposedly control the world and other fanciful ideas. So it was the [...]

Making of – Norway

2021-02-23T16:32:42+11:00October 13th, 2012|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |

A friend of mine once commented on the women and geography theme running through my albums - on Without This You Can Never Change there was 'Canadian Girls', on Monumental – 'American Girl', and on the forthcoming album will be my latest song 'Norway' in which I personify the Norwegian landscape as a kind of [...]

Making of – Sometimes

2021-02-23T16:33:46+11:00October 5th, 2012|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |

With an album tracklisting that's fast becoming a "some" based tongue twister - first, 'Someone Something Sunshine' and now 'Sometimes', not to mention another album contender 'Something To Sing', this album is assured to have more "somes" than a mathematician's convention! "Sometimes" is hot off the mixing desk. I came up with the germ of [...]

Making of – Someone Something Sunshine

2021-02-23T16:34:24+11:00September 21st, 2012|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |

Unlike most electronic musicians, I tend to take a "rock" approach to writing songs, in that they'll have a verse, bridge, chorus and middle 8, each with their own chord progression, vocal melody and lyrics. Conversely, a lot of dance music tends to work on simple chord progressions, or no chord progression, as chord changes [...]

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